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Spectacular Scenic Railway Journeys 鉄道・絶景の旅


Spectacular Scenic Railway Journeys 鉄道・絶景の旅

A journey to different areas of Japan in search of unknown scenic spots.

“The best scenic views” are picked up along the popular railroads across Japan to introduce magnificent landscapes from within and outside of the train, famous sights, historic sites, gourmet food, hot springs, local specialties, and many more. This is a railroad trip show that offers excitements for everyone to enjoy a virtual trip at home or to be used as a video guidebook. Definitely an awesome show for railway fans. Come up aboard a train and feel the nostalgia and head for a new destination...

Production Year
2009 -
Male / 50~
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
60min x 30ep (2009-)

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