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About us

With over 59 years of leading the Japanese content industry and having 25 network affiliate stations covering the nation, TV Asahi Corporation delivers top rated drama series, enduring animation programs and high-quality variety shows that target the younger demographic, on top of broadcasting strong sports events and daily news shows.

TV Asahi’s programs are globally popular, especially in Asia with approximately 20 countries regularly broadcasting its programs. With the high interest in Japan’s distinct culture giving momentum to content distribution in the region, TV Asahi has formed strategic partnerships in India – where it has successfully released the remake of Ninja Hattori – and Thailand, which will serve as the hubs for furthering business endeavors in Asia.

Furthermore, TV Asahi’s terrestrial channel is complemented by three satellite channels operated by Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Limited and CS One Ten, Ltd. The conglomeration of four channels ensures TV Asahi’s competitive edge in creating and delivering content. Additionally, TV Asahi has designated the Internet and “Media City” as its growth businesses, where the aim is to create original Internet services that bring high consumer traffic, and make maximum use of the company’s media properties which are aggregated in the Roppongi area. Moreover, with 19 group companies which cover film, animation, music publication, content production, internet streaming platforms, e-commerce, etc., TV Asahi is positioned to pursue services that meet the needs of consumers in the growing digital industry.

In the digital sphere, TV Asahi has been actively distributing programs on various digital platforms, including dramas, variety shows, pro-wrestling and pop idols. The au Headline mobile phone news site, developed with KDDI Corporation and Asahi Shimbun, has steadily increased its reach.

A new video distribution business, AbemaTV, was launched in 2016 as a new Internet TV station jointly operated by CyberAgent, Inc. AbemaTV features a wide variety of contents and high-quality videos with user-friendly interface designs. All of the content is free of charge 24/7 on over 20 channels that include original live shows, news, animation, dramas, reality shows and sports.

In addition to its digital initiatives, TV Asahi also offers various special events such as TV Asahi-Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION, an annual mega-scale event held in the area surrounding TV Asahi Headquarters attracting 5 million visitors.

About us

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