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WATAOJI My Middle-aged Guardian Angel 私のおじさん WATAOJI



©tv asahi / MMJ

A heartwarming drama of Hikari, a rookie assistant director at a TV station and her Guardian Angel, the Guardian Angel who is visible only to Hikari. Before she teams up with this old man, Hikari was a young woman at the lowest point of her life suffering from a broken heart and the loss of her job. She couldn’t care less about her life anymore and she ends up getting a job as an assistant director at a grueling TV variety show. As she feels lost and downtrodden working at her desk that looks more like a garbage pit, a middle aged man calling himself her Guardian Angel appears out of the blue. He is a jolly old man but very sharp tongued, and his personality is unbearable. He follows Hikari day and night and instead of giving her words of encouragement, he doesn’t stop criticizing her! His face is scary and she thought he was her stalker in the beginning. However, she gradually realizes that his sharp-tongued remarks are actually her thoughts and grudges that she dare not put in words or speak aloud. He is saying them aloud for her. She even starts to think his words are refreshing! In this world where everyone needs to keep their tongue in check, “Guardian Angel” expresses what one really thinks with plenty of sarcasm… This is how a hilarious and refreshing working life of Hikari and Guardian Angel starts!

Yui Okada (岡田結実)
Kenichi Endou (遠藤憲一)
Yu Shirota (城田優)
Shinya Kote (小手伸也)
Junki Tozuka (戸塚純貴)
Sayaka Aoki (青木さやか)
Seiichi Tanabe (田辺誠一)
Chika Nakagawa (中川知香)
Shiori Tamada (玉田志織)
Scenario Writer
Ayuka Kishimoto (岸本鮎佳)
Moral (モラル)
Production Year
2019/01 -
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Duration & Episodes
54 min x 8ep
official site (Japanese)

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