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The Words They Speak 言霊荘


(c)tv asahi/ABEMA/MMJ

This is a story about a girl who believes in the power of words and wishes for the happiness of others. After she moves into a women-only apartment building, which her friend suggested, she gets caught up in a bizarre phenomenon: the words they speak become your reality inside the apartment.
What is the secret of the apartment?
Will the day ever come when these women will be freed from this horrifying curse...?
This is "A Beautiful Forbidden Horror Drama" that brings you a never-seen-before kind of terror!

Nanase Nishino (西野七瀬)
Kento Nagayama (永山絢斗)
Rio Uchida (内田理央)
Mayu Hotta (堀田真由)
Ayaka Miyoshi (三吉彩花)
Misato Morita (森田望智)
Anna Ishii (石井杏奈)
Yurika Nakamura (中村ゆりか)
Yuki Saito (斉藤由貴)
Production Year
2021/10 -
Duration & Episodes

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