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Secret Unrequited Love 僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ


Secret Unrequited Love

Love until death do us apart, but the time is ticking towards its limit.

Takuma has a heart disease and the doctor tells him he won’t be able to live up to 20 years old. He and the doctor’s daughter Mayu are friends from their childhood. When they were children, Takuma asked her to marry him and Mayu answered, “Promise to marry me when we become twenty!” 

Takuma had never questioned his future with Mayu until he found out that he won’t be able to live long. Ever since Mayu found about Takumi’s life expectancy when she was still a child, she has devoted her life to find out a way to save Takuma. The one and only wish of Takuma and Mayu is that they can live their lives with the person they truly love, that is together. 

This is a story of two high school students bound by love but facing the time limit of life; a heart aching but beautiful love story where a young couple struggles to fight against their destiny to make their dream come true.

Shuhei Nomura (野村周平)
Hinako Sakurai (桜井日奈子)
Hio Miyazawa (宮沢氷魚)
Kanta Sato (佐藤寛太)
Airi Matsui (松井愛莉)
Hikari Ishida (石田ひかり)
Katsuhisa Namase (生瀬勝久)
Scenario Writer
Masaya Ozaki (尾崎将也)
Production Year
2019/01 -
Male / 20-34
Female / 20-34
Duration & Episodes
50 min x 7ep
Official site (Japanese)

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