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Halation Love ハレーション・ラブ


©tv asahi

Akari is a third-year psychology student at Futaba University, near where she was born and grew up. After class, she works with her mother, Natsuko, in a camera shop left by her late father. Akari liked her peaceful life in the peaceful town. However, the peace that was visible shattered after a man came to her camera shop to develop the film, revealing the true nature of the townhouse and its inhabitants.
One day, Akari and the man, Asami meet again when he appears as a lecturer in criminal psychology class at Futaba University, and she feels a sense of destiny at the coincidence. 
Meanwhile, a member of the university staff has gone missing, and there are rumors that the staff may have been kidnapped. The incident also coincides with Asami's arrival, and Akari begins to suspect him because of his suspicious behavior.
As Akari is about to enter such a dangerous world, Subaru, who was her childhood friend, appears. Having had an interest in her for a long time, Subaru quickly realizes the dangerous situation and tries to protect her.
What will happen to the incident when the footsteps get closer, and to the romance among Akari, Asami and Subaru?

Hikaru Takahashi (髙橋ひかる)
Hidekazu Mashima (眞島秀和)
Hayate Ichinose (一ノ瀬颯)
Mari Hamada (濱田マリ)
Rico Kawase (川瀬莉子)
Risa Naito (内藤理沙)
Production Year
2023/07 -
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Duration & Episodes
60min×1, 30min×8
Official site (Japanese)

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