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Negotiator 交渉人〜THE NEGOTIATOR〜


Negotiator,交渉人〜THE NEGOTIATOR〜

REIKO USAGI is the first female officer to join the male-dominant SIT. On the job, she faces not onlycriminals, but also the difficult inner workings of the organization itself. Never losing focus, her acute instincts and street smarts get her into the minds of criminals.

She is also driven by a personal vendetta: to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. Her father, YAJIMA, was an established SWAT team officer killed on the job five years ago, leaving Reiko to raise her stepsister alone.

Reiko proves herself within SIT and eventually becomes a trusted member of the team. But as she gets closer to uncovering the truth, it becomes clear that someone within will do anything to stop her.

Reiko finds out that before his death, Yajima discovered that Mariya’s gang executed a hostile attack using a “misplaced” police handgun. To avoid public scandal, the police had chosen to silence Yajima, and the senior superintendent ordered his team to take him out.

Now Reiko finds herself and her sister hostage, in yet another criminal scheme by the very organization which plagued her father. Mariya’s gang is back for retribution against the police for killing their comrades five years ago. As the past comes back to haunt her, Reiko must use her intuition, negotiating skills and finally, trust in her team, to save her sister, come out alive and see that justice is finally served.

Ryoko Yonekura (米倉涼子)
Takanori Jinnai (陣内孝則)
Production Year
2008/01 -
Prime Time
Weekly / Special
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Male / 50~
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
19 episodes
SEASON 1: 54min x 7ep, 69min x 1ep (2008)
SEASON 2: 54min x 8ep, 69min x 1ep (2009)
SPECIAL: 126min (2009), 54min (2009)

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