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Summer TV dramas kick off!



Masahiko Washizu, alias “Hagetaka (vulture)”, a legendary figure of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, keeps on winning in takeovers of big businesses. This is an exhilarating entertainment drama of a man who stands on his own against the powerful corporate giants.

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We live in an era where personal information is saved on digital devices in minute detail. Everyone must have wondered at least once, “What will happen to my secret data, if I die unexpectedly?” This is the first Japanese TV drama dealing with digital personal effects left behind by a diseased.

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My Moochy Boyfriend

Yuriko’s live-in boyfriend is a professional in “mooching”!? After she realized he is mooching off her, she tries to make him work, but things get comically worse into “a moocher’s paradise or hell”.

Social comedy for people who are tired of living in earnest!

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Seven Detectives (New series)

This is the 4th series of the “Seven Detectives”, all unique in their own way, who challenge to solve puzzling crime cases. The stage of this new series is the “police reference room.” The Seven, together with new members, go after unsolved crimes that were laid forgotten in the reference files.

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CSI:Crime Scene Talks (New series)

Satoshi Itomura, a detective of Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters, listens to the messages hidden in the items left with the victims and tries to delve into the victims’ inner thoughts to pursue the truth. A little weird but engaging detective, Itomura comes back to Kyoto in this 5thseason.

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