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“Doctor-X” the blockbuster drama is back again! The long awaited 5th season will start in October 2017 !


The stunningly beautiful and awesomely skilled freelance surgeon Michiko Daimon, alias Dr. X, is back again with her unwavering belief that saving patents’ life comes first before anything else. Her ingenious proficiency with her scalpels cuts into the most complicated cases of the patients’ as well as into the medical world deeply tainted with money and greed. 

The fifth season is set in a general hospital affiliated to a medical college, where a new generation of doctors has emerged accelerating the power struggle within the hospital. 

The woman who never fails is back again this year! Ryoko Yonekura in her signature role, Doctor X.
Don’t dare miss the fifth season of this mega hit drama Doctor X starting this October 2017!


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