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New dramas and variety shows added


7 Secretaries

“My name is not worth mentioning.”

A thrilling "secretary" drama is born!

Seven superb casts of the “Shadow  Army” bring down hammer on the swaggering upper-level citizens!

It's not the government or top financiers who are running this world, it's the unsung heroes  who stay in the shadow.

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How to eliminate my teacher

"Do you want to kill me? I don't mind that sort of talk."
A mysterious teacher with a smile vs. high IQ students.

The setting is a high school in Tokyo, where the third year “D” class is made up of high achievers. However, all the teachers assigned to this class are mentally eroded in a short period of time and end up leaving the school. In fact, this class was filled with students who enjoy cornering and bullying adults and mentally break them. They ingeniously crush their teacher without getting their hands dirty. 

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Boys in the Midsummer 1945/2020

Japan's next generation idol group, Bishonen, star in their first tv series.
What is the meaning of "life"? This is an intense youth comedy drama.

One summer, in a bedroom community of a regional city in the Kanto region, local high school students meet a soldier who has come from the past. What kind of world does he see in modern Japan as someone who came from a time when there was no freedom?

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Yokai Housemate

In 2020 Tokyo, a group of “Yokai” (Yokai=Japanese folklore monsters) is living in an old house by the shrine...

A timid girl named Mio, whose life hit rock-bottom recently, is rescued by the group of monsters in the most bizarre way!

Fearful of being disliked and unable to say what she wants, Mio has been living her life aimlessly, thinking of working temporarily until she gets married. But the man she fell in love with is a total mess. After losing her apartment and her job, desperate Mio finds herself sharing a room at a house where “Yokais” live.

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What’s Wrong with Being Wily?

Can you imagine how to take advantage of being a woman?

This is the new type of variety show, all about “wiliness”- taking advantage of being a woman (or a man)!

The program conducted a thorough questionnaire on "comments and actions of men and women who think they being wily"! Then the three MCs check out a reenactment VTRs based on the survey and thoroughly discuss about the "wiliness"!

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