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4 brand new formats added!


Red Light Green Light 

Red light, stop! Green light, advance!

The classical childhood game "Red Light, Green Light" has been amazingly updated for the 21st century with the latest digital devices, providing a thrilling and exciting experience to the challengers and viewing audience alike.

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#Hash Tag

The classical game of tag has fantastically upscaled using social media. 

You will be given some missions, and if you can successfully accomplish the mission and escape from the "it" within the time limit and, you win! 
But you have to carry a placard on the back saying "Playing Tag, take a picture of me and Tweet". And your mission could give "it" a great hint where you are... 

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Happily Ever Apart

This is a new style Divorce Show. Unhappily married couples host a formal ‘Divorce Ceremony’ at a classy venue wearing a handsome tuxedo and beautiful party dress.

At the divorce ceremony, couples are asked to take part in several things such as giving a welcome speech, introducing the couple’s history/ the reason that led to the divorce, questions and answers that may be too late to ask and reading aloud hand written thank you notes.

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This is a brand new ‘mind reading game show’ which takes place in a luxurious mansion filled with ‘distracting’ traps designed to surprise the guests…

Seven contestants are invited to a luxurious mansion. The owner is quite wealthy, mischievous and likes to play tricks to entertain his guests. He tends to set many ‘surprises’ in his home in the hope to let his guests leave with a sense of pleasure, suspense, and sometimes, big prize money.

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